2017 Art Festival

Buck Hill Falls
Art Festival & Marketplace
Saturday July 22, 2017

Buck Hill Art Association
Post Office Box 156
Buck Hill Falls, PA 18323

email: artshow@buckhillartassociation.com

Based on the resounding success of last year’s event, the Buck Hill Art Association is eagerly anticipating the 2017 Art Festival and Marketplace scheduled Saturday July 22 from 10- 4. As chairperson for this year’s Festival, I would like to invite you to join us for our 72nd annual event.

The Festival is the Buck Hill Art Association’s sole fundraising event and has successfully enabled the Association to provide greatly needed scholarships to student artists. This program brings countless learning opportunities to students by encouraging interest and participation in the arts.

In addition, the Festival enables the Buck Hill Art Association to share its art collection with the community. Many pieces from the collection are on display throughout Buck Hill Falls and are showcased in several other venues. Please be set up by 9 AM. To further enhance the festival’s overall appeal, there will be an expanded outdoor Marketplace as well as a variety of food options and a hospitality setup for artists and vendors.

We sincerely hope you will join us for the 2017-Buck Hill Art Festival and Marketplace. The 2017 application and fact sheet is listed below.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Karen L. Chase

2017 Art Festival Application

AGREEMENT: (Please sign and date)
I understand and agree: With the exception of last year’s Art Show award winners, applicants will only be accepted by approval of the Show’s jury and written notification of same. I hereby agree to the guidelines outlined above and forever discharge, release and hold harmless the festival coordinators and their agents, Buck Hill Art Association and the Buck Hill Falls Company from any and all manner of action, suits, damages or claims whatsoever arising from any loss or damage to person or property while participating in this event, and hereby consent to the enforcement of all rules and regulations of the show.

JURYING (for new artists only):
• Preferred Option: Submit 3 (three) digital images
• Alternative Option: Submit 3 (three) labeled photo/slides with biography.

Please submit 3 digital images via email to  artshow@buckhillartassociation.com or mail 3 photos/slides representative of artwork completed within the last two years to:
Buck Hill Art Association
Post Office Box 156
Buck Hill Falls, PA 18323
Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you would like the photos returned.

$150 Entrance Fee to Exhibit Indoors
$100 Entrance Fee to Exhibit Outdoors
Payable by check to Buck Hill Art Association.
A 20% commission will be charged on sales of $500 or more.
Sales tax to be paid by exhibitor. Fee will be reimbursed if not accepted for indoor spaces only.

Only original handmade work will be accepted. Commercially made or mass-produced items are not eligible. No kits or work on mass-produced items. Applicant’s signature on this application gives permission to the show coordinators to reproduce applicant’s slides, photos or digital images for publicity purposes. Artist is responsible for all parts of his or her own display area, including tents if outdoors, props and wall space. Electricity, wall space and lighting may not be available in all areas. Each artist must show his/her own work and be in attendance during the show. Volunteers will be available to provide relief during short breaks.


Email: artshow@buckhillartassociation.com
Notification of acceptance will be sent out within several days of receipt.
Applications may be submitted here or mailed to:
Buck Hill Art Association
Post Office Box 156
Buck Hill Falls, PA 18323